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Today is my birthday. It’s after midnight, so, technically it’s my birthday.

We’re having scattered thunderstorms. I think that’s a pretty good metaphor for how things are right now. Things are ok, then they’re not, then they are again, then they’re really not, and the whole time the threat of things going horribly wrong looms over everything. Plus, you know, I’m a bit scattered with occasional moments of cosmic apotheosis. As above, so below and stuff.

I’m awake right now, not just because I’m an insomniac, but also because I’m having chest pains. Don’t worry they’re the sharp stabby kind that happen when I move certain ways and when I touch the area in pain, so it’s probably something stupid like cartilage being a jerk to my ribs or a pulled muscle. But here’s the fun part: the car is dead (it’s the battery, yet again) and the battery charger thingy we have is also dead and is not holding a charge. So, I am stuck at home until that is resolved and can’t get to urgent care or the ER as the advise nurse will tell me that I need to do after they try to get me in to see a doc “day of” because there are never day of appointments.

Getting comfortable enough to sleep is nearly impossible and I’m so tired that I think that posting this is a good idea hahaha Ok, maybe not a good idea, but, like, not a bad idea. You know, kinda like Jurassic World. I don’t think anyone at the studio thought it was a good idea, but they didn’t think it was a bad one either. It was just one of those, “let’s reboot a beloved franchise and see if we can make more money off of it” kinda things. Which is to say that I am rambling again, but I’m too tired to edit this down to something less than it is.

TL;DR – It’s my birthday and I’m reaching out into the void to thank all of you for sharing your lives with me. Whether it be in the form of  a highly curated social media persona, re-posted memes or a million selfies, it’s nice to know that all of you are around and sharing bits of your life with me. Thank you for showing me who you are.